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Work At Home Online in 2011

2011 Business Mentor

With the current economical times being rougher than rough, many are searching for ways to make money online from home.

With our knowledge and support of current work at home opportunities, we can help you create an exceptional Internet Marketing campaign.

We have been making money online from various online home based businesses for over 10 years now, we are here to help guide and mentor you!

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How To make money online from home

Facebook Influence

With the ever important rise of social media and online businesses, you need to know how to create, maintain, and optimize your business/service/brand page. Social Media is a must have for doing all kinds of affiliate marketing, research, and customer acquisition.

Let Online Scams Uncovered show you through your business page setup, and how to acquire more fans, likes, and sales!

Because social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, etc, you need to know up-to-date information on how to fully optimize your online home business.

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Best Work From Home Opportunities in 2011

Work At Home Scams

This site first originated with one thing in mind. and that was you. After seeing so many individuals get scammed online through many different kinds and types of online businesses and work at home opportunities, we created Online Scams Uncovered to help see through the vast amount of information when it comes to making money online and affiliate marketing.

Please keep reading below to find out how you can tell whether or not a work from home business is a potential scam or not.

We have also complied our 2011 Work From Home Business Scam Report, which you can see on the next page.

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Work From Home Business Opportunities Made Easy

Hey YOU! Stop what you are doing right now and tell yourself you are going to take the next 20 minutes and read this entire work at home business website. Why? Because the truth is, you are here for one reason, you want to run, manage, or own a successful work from home business. You want to make money online with a home based business opportunity or program? I will explain and show you online work from home business opportunities made easy so you never get scammed again!
Featured Internet Home Based Business Programs
internet home based business opportunities

We have put the MAGNIFYING GLASS to the entire internet home business industry and gathered all of the necessary home based business tips, guides, and information to give you a better understanding and outlook on what it really takes to become a successful work at home entrepreneur. This website was built with one thing in mind, helping people who have a desire to work from home become successful doing just that. We will explain the how, what, where, when, and why to everything regarding working from home.

First, here are reasons why you want to work from home, and if none of these reasons are your reasons, please let me know, I would love to hear why YOU, yes YOU personally, have a desire to join or be a part of a work at home business opportunity.


  • Hate your 9-5 job
  • Want that personal and financial freedom
  • More time with family
  • Want to be able to afford extra things in life
  • Your own time schedule, your own boss
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    Now, those are very basic and vague, but the truth is, they are ALL within your grasp if you find a legitimate work from home business opportunity. That is what this site is dedicated to you for, finding and helping you discover online scams and on the flip side, simple and legit work at home businesses.

    Online Scams Uncovered was designed and built with one thing in mind – you – the work at home seeker, the beast inside of you that is coming out and is READY to start paying themselves first and not making their boss richer, or taking orders from their supervisor, or missing the kids soccer games because of a work schedule conflict! When you work from home, all of that is thrown out the window and its one on one with yourself! I already can tell what type of person you are just by reading this website, and I already know that you know how powerful and lucrative making money online with home based businesses really is. The truth is, me and you are very similar, except I was in your same position three years ago and not a clue as to how to find a simple online home business that was a good fit for me and could really change my life by making it my primary source of income and replacing corporate America with my own business.

    While it may seem weird, this website is all about you – helping you in your guide to finding the right fit for you and you becoming profitable and successful working from home. No matter if you are one day, one month, or one year into your search for a home business opportunity, I can help cut down the learning curve and research time it will take you just by reading this site, learning from my mistakes, and following my lead in your quest to work at home. So please, if you are serious about finding real work at home jobs that fit you, then you need to take the next 20-30 minutes and really dissect what I have to say and indulge in the home business information this website contains!

    Define Your Work At Home Purpose

    Ok, so here we go, let start by talking about a very important issue in that you need to define your ultimate purpose and goals for your work at home business dreams. Sound corny? Maybe, but trust me, finding a business opportunity or program that you make money online with that you enjoy and have fun doing and developing a passion for it will make all the difference in how well you do and how fast you do.

    Because I will tell you, as much as I hate saying it, working from home and making good money online is not easy. It will take a lot of sacrifices (especially early on) from you as far as time commitments and effort you put into your business. So by defining your goals and purpose to work from home early on, it will help through the ups and downs and tough times until you get the hang of it and start to enjoy and develop a passion for what you’re doing so it hardly even seems like your working until you start to consistently rake in the money and results! Later I will explain to you why this is SO important early on!

    It is said that some 97% of the people who try to join or start a home business fail, and fail miserably! That is pretty staggering fact and unfortunately sad but true because this industry can be so lucrative if you do things right from the get go and I am so glad you landed on my website today! I don’t care if it is affiliate marketing, internet sales, direct sales, eBay, home based business opportunities, or anything related to working from home and earning money online, having your goals, purpose, and passion set in place will be incredibility powerful and useful in your journey to become a successful work at home entrepreneur!
    Keys To Success For Work At Home Jobs

    Ok so you are ready – your gun-ho – fired up – determined on par taking in some work from home business opportunities and online money making ideas, but you have no clue as to what to do next or anything to judge a program or opportunity by. That is why I named this site “Online Scams Uncovered” because YOU are going to be the one who determines whether or not this opportunity or program is 1) a scam or 2) not worth your time and money after reading my fail proof website!

    As my tag line reads – “Work From Home Business Opportunities and Making Money Online Made Easy” – that is just what I like to do, make things as simple an as easy as they can get! I see it all the time in many related online home based business websites, so complex, so hard to understand and get what they are trying to say and get across to their viewers. So I have broken it down into four keys to success when you’re trying to make money online with ANY work at home job.

    [callout font_size=”15px” style=”coolblue”]Key 1 – First we have to look at the service or product that we will be promoting or offering to potential customers and business seekers.[/callout]

    While all of these keys to success are vitality important, this could be the most important one of them all. Let’s break this down, ask yourself or picture yourself using the product for yourself, or your neighbors, or friends, is this product or service in demand or will people use it, want it, and need it? You will save yourself a lot of trial and error, time and money, research and headache, if you just answer those simple questions first. Believe me, as if you probably did not already know, there are literally millions of online work at home jobs that offer valuable product or service yet make money because people join them and are promised to make money and all of this internet sales jargon that simply just does not work for most (let’s say 97% referenced before!) of the people out there searching for online business opportunities!

    [callout font_size=”15px” style=”fire”]Key 2 – Who is in charge of this product or service ie get some company background and knowledge![/callout]

    Now that we have a product or service we feel good about, comfortable with, feel as though we can enjoy and have a passion about joining, now it’s time to see who is in charge of this product or service. Do not underestimate this step, as it can really come back to haunt you in the grand scheme of things when your trying to become successful with a legitimate home based business!

    I am serious, go online, go use any search engine you want, and search for the company name or product or service, and read ALL of the negative things they have to say about it, get an idea of what kind of gripe people have about them and how certain issues were handled. Now, before I get started with this topic, I would like to make it very clear that you are always going to have two sides to the equation; people are going to be lazy, quick to label something a scam if it didn’t work for them. But do this just to get an idea of what is going on and what current people involved with the company are saying, and also feel free to do this about the positives as well!

    When doing company research, try to find answers to questions like:

    - How they are doing financially? – Good ethics? – How bright does their future look?

    - Do they seem helpful, active, have customer service phone numbers and physical addresses posted on their websites?

    - Can you sense that they have their own passion, excitement, and desire within their company about the service or product?

    - Can you get an idea of how they are actively supporting and willing to work with their current representatives?

    If you find the answers of these questions and still have a good feeling, then you might be on the right track to finding a good work from home online business!

    [callout font_size=”15px” style=”limegreen”]Key 3 – What can they do for you? What is their marketing system, is it producing results? This is HUGE![/callout]

    Ok, we are half way home and feel as though we have a solid work from home business in our sights, but now is the time where you need to see what they offer YOU as the representative or distributor of their opportunity or program. What do I mean by this, I mean their marketing system in place because as you start to grow your online business you will need a system in place that will allow you to duplicate your results (especially if this is a home based business opportunity or network marketing) Because what will happen, if the company or opportunity you are involved with doesn’t have proper marketing and promotional materials, your team or downline will turn to you for answers, and this can cause many headaches! Having a solid marketing system will not only help you succeed working from home, but it will in turn help your team out as well!

    I had to learn this the hard way in my work from home online opportunities, where I got so drained because the company did not provide an effective and efficient marketing system so I had to do everything for each individual that joined my team! I cannot emphasize this enough as it seems like such a loose and widely used term, but believe me it will make a world of a difference in how well you do once you finally start to grow! Not only does it cut down in the time you have to spend with each of your business team members, but it also helps their team duplicate the same results using the same system, thus cutting down the learning curve for everyone involved in that particular online home business. Making money online can be easy if you let it, this is just another key for success that you need to make sure is in place!

    [callout font_size=”15px” style=”cherry”]Key 4 – How do I get paid and make money!!![/callout]

    I hope you didn’t think I would forget about this! But LETS MAKE SOME MONEY! Is that not what we all have the desire to do is makes lots of money and it how we want, when we want, all from the comfort of our own home! So now that the first three keys to success have a check mark beside them, we are rounding third base and heading for home! We have a valuable product or service and feel good about who is behind it and feel as though a proper marketing system is in place, so now we need to find out if we will get paid accordingly to our efforts from our work at home adventures!

    Take a second, find their compensation plan or payout plans and analyze them, research them, and find out if they are keeping a lot of their money or are paying accordingly to their members efforts. Finding a legitimate work at home business opportunity largely depends on this! I have seen companies that pay out on average as low as five percent to their representatives! Are you KIDDING me! That is not what you want! You need to find online business opportunities that payout fairly high and you will be able to see that once you get your hands on their compensation plan.

    Things to look for when analyzing work at home jobs are this:

    Do they have good incentives? Good builder bonuses? Good Price Points? Make sure all the people at the very top are not making all the money! Another thing along with that is that if you are new and just joined the work from home business, can you make more money than the person who brought you in, if this is impossible, then chances are this is either 1) a scam or 2) not something you want to join or be involved with.

    All of these will play an important role when deciding if the compensation plans of the business opportunities you are interested in are worth your time and effort!

    Conclusion To My Keys For Success To Work From Home

    Ok lets wrap up this section. If you follow these four keys you will uncover a lot of online scams before you even join them which will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. I encourage you to compare different home business opportunities from one another so you can get an idea of what sticks out to you and what seems to be working for most people.

    Remember finding a legitimate work from home business is not easy, and actually succeeding at one and becoming successful and fulltime is no easy task as well, but remember why you’re here, why you want to make money online and work from home fulltime. Defining your purpose, having your goals and determination will get you through the initial phases of working at home. I want to talk about one last thing before I introduce you to some of my favorite work at home jobs and opportunities and that is something that will leave you on a positive note and truly motivate you to keep working hard in your search for online work at home businesses!
    Work From Home Magic – Let Me Explain!

    After you took the time to read all of that you might be thinking “man this is going to be harder than I thought to try and work from home fulltime and quit my job!”

    Truth is, it isn’t easy, but let me in on a secret that ALL major entrepreneurs, internet marketing gurus, and fulltime home based business people know. What I like to call “Work From Home Magic” – interested in learning more – you should be – listen while I have talked about how to uncover online scams and what to look for in home business programs, what I really want you to keep in the back of your mind is this – “Once you get it, you get it!” – I don’t care if it is work at home business opportunities, network marketing, multi level marketing, affiliate marketing, or anything internet or making money online related, once you GET IT, YOU GET IT.

    Ok so there is no real magic here and Houdini isn’t going to magically fill up your bank account and make you profitable and successful online, but as you start to learn and research and analyze the millions of ways and opportunities to make money, you will start to learn and soak up all kinds of useful information that will help you in the long run in determining exactly what you want to do from home.

    As I said, I wanted to end this page with a positive note, like the “light at the end of the tunnel” phrase because that is what it takes when you are just getting starting or want to be successful in this industry. You have to keep positive, and as you go and take the proper amount of time and effort researching different online at home business jobs and opportunities, you will start to “get it” and I like to call that magic.

    Because once you start to learn and get what is going on in the home business industry, you will find your niche and build up from there, start small, get some cash flow coming in, keep a positive frame of mind, and once you get going you can build and start to use the same strategies, principles, techniques, and tactics for any online work at home business opportunity you are with! That that is the true beauty of this industry, and having and following your goals and purpose for wanting to work at home, and before you know it you have multiple streams of income pouring into your bank account like clockwork! And that my friend, is the lifestyle that anyone could can have, I believe someone famous once said, “Don’t ever give up, don’t ever give up”, and if you follow my work from home business guide then eventually you will discover that magic and have a lifestyle you once dreamed of having!