Funky Clock Review

Funky Clock is a new online contest website that claims to give you free tech products in exchange for completing skill-based games. But is it actually legit? Here’s our Funky Clock review.

What is Funky Clock?

FunkyClock is an online portal for skill games. Members answer skill-based games like trivia questions while the clock ticks down. When you complete a certain number of games, you win real world prizes: like an iPhone 6S, other Apple products, and other tech products.

In fact, the website claims that every member is guaranteed to win an iPod Shuffle.

The website is primarily advertised to residents of the United Kingdom but is also available to residents of 6 other countries (Spain, France, Australia, Canada, United States, and Sweden).

You pay £1 to join the website and enter your contact information – including your email address, physical address, city, and postcode. Then, you accept the terms and conditions and get ready to get started.

There’s one big catch to Funky Clock: the site actually costs £74 per month – not just £1 to join. What’s the other catch? Keep reading to find out.

How Does Funky Clock Work?

Funky Clock lures in new members with advertisements for a “free iPhone 6S” in exchange for joining the program for £1. Even more amazing is that the website claims all members are guaranteed to receive an iPod Shuffle.

The more gullible among you may think, “Hey, an iPod Shuffle alone is worth way more than £1. What have I got to lose by joining?”

Is this your first day on the internet? Of course nobody gives away anything for free on the internet. You’re not gaming the system by joining Funky Clock. Instead, you need to read the fine print.

Here’s what the fine print says about Funky Clock:

“When your trial period of 3 days expires, it will automatically continue into a recurring subscription where you can win prizes worth tons of money for just £74.00 per month. You can cancel your trial period or subscription at any time.”

That fine print isn’t that well-hidden. It’s at the bottom of the main landing page for Funky Clock. It’s also in the terms and conditions, which you automatically accept when you join Funky Clock (you even have to check a little box that says you accept the terms and conditions).

Is Funky Clock a Scam?

Funky Clock walks a fine line between legal gaming website and illegal online scam. Like many websites, the difference comes down to what’s been said in the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions on Funky Clock clearly explain all of the charges that will appear on your credit card. Yes, you’re paying £74 per month to be a member of this website. That’s probably more expensive than any other website you’ve ever joined.

Funky Clock also makes it relatively easy to cancel everything: if you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time by sending an email to You can also go to the “My Account” section to cancel your subscription.

Funky Clock and the iPhone 6S

Funky Clock recently launched a big marketing campaign where the website’s members could win an iPhone 6S – the recently-released flagship Apple phone. A lot of people also received Funky Clock emails – including people in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Spain, and France.

Here are some of the rules for the contest that you’ll find in the fine print:

— Everyone Who Subscribes To Funky Clock Is Participating To Win An iPhone 6s

— The Site Selects One iPhone 6s Winner For Every 500 Participants

— The Site Allows Just One Participant Per Person, Per Household, Per Credit/Debit Card, And Per IP Address

— Winners Will Be Contacted By Email

— The Contest Closes On December 31, 2015

To better your chances of winning the iPhone 6S, you compete against other members. In addition to entering the iPhone 6S competition, you can enter the competition for the iPad, Samsung Smart TV, or Givenchy perfume.

You play by answering questions as fast as possible. In most games, this involves clicking on the correct picture.

If you end up having the best time when the contest ends, you’ll win the product for which you were competing.

What Kinds of Games Are Available on Funky Clock?

Funky Clock games are all mostly of the same variety: they’re games of skill that revolve around trivia. Here’s how the creator of Funky Clock describes it:

“FC is all about skills, brains and quick responses. All competitions on the site are based on trivia games to be solved on time. Members have to answer correctly and they need to give the correct answer faster than other members in order to improve their ranking.”

Paying members can play games daily as frequently as they like. You don’t get more entries the more you play. However, you do have a chance to improve your best time each time you play.

When you play, you’ll get to see your rank in each specific competition to know how much is needed to get the qualifying placement for your chosen product.

Only the best player in each competition wins a product.

Paying members can enter up to four completions in a 30 day period.

Conclusion: Is Funky Clock Legit?

Funky Clock is an online gaming website priced at £74 per month. Your credit card is charged that full £74 per month after the 3 day trial (which costs £1) is over.

Yes, members have a chance to win products like an iPhone 6S, luxury perfume, or Samsung Smart TV. However, £74 is still a lot of money. Your subscription automatically renews every month. You might end up not winning any prizes while still paying hundreds of pounds in contest fees.

To put that £74 per month figure into perspective, sells 2GB iPod Shuffles for £55.99.

You have to play the games a lot if you want to give yourself a chance to win. You can drive yourself crazy trying to answer the images correct in rapid succession. If you have amazing reflexes – great! You have a fighting chance. If not, then you’ll probably find yourself out of luck.

Blog Beast Scam


Blog Beast Review


A new way of blogging will soon become available in the form of Blog Beast, Empower Network’s new blogging platform. The system cost them three million dollars to develop over a year’s time. The company hopes to really revolutionize the world of blogging with this second generation viral blogging system. You will find that there are many beneficial Blog Beast features to be had, making this platform attractive indeed.

What is Blog Beast?

So exactly what is Blog Beast? The Empower Network Blog Beast lets users keep several blogs over many different websites with just one account. Their goal here is to make a faster and easier design than their original system and for it to be better than any other blogging platform available.

One of the other main features is the Blog Beast app for mobile devices. This will sync both smartphone and computer blogging systems in several different ways. It used to be that other platforms put out mobile apps that didn’t use as many features, or give users the same experiences they already enjoy on the internet.

How Does Blog Beast Work?

Unlike other blogging platforms that are designed to be easy to use but in reality are quite complicated, how Blog Beast works really is much easier than anything else out there. In fact, just about anyone can use this platform because with just a couple of simple clicks, you can post your podcasts and videos online from your computer, or even your smartphone, making this system available to people who are not tech savvy.

Users will have the ability to withhold content that is premium with a lock feature. This will restrict access to the content, and then you can give a call to action for users to take their accounts and upgrade them to be able to view all of the content.

You’ll also find that it is easy to let users re-blog posts from sites across the Blog Beast network. The original author still gets credit for writing it, however. You will also be able to share your comments and blogs on the different social media sites, all while linking back to the original post.

Blog Beast Information

Users are really going to enjoy the ease of using the Blog Beast system once they get a chance to try it. It will be seen that it is a much easier and faster way to blog that just about anyone can use.

If you are looking for more information on Empower Network’s Blog Beast, head over to and read the in depth review of this opportunity.

The Traffic Playbook Review


The Traffic Playbook – Lead Generation System

The Traffic Playbook is here to make your life easier…

The Traffic Playbook

Internet marketing is all about traffic. As long as your website doesn’t catch any traffic at all, your internet business is doomed. It doesn’t matter the niche you are activating in. It could be network marketing, affiliate or replicated lead system. All these business niches need traffic in order to function.

The Traffic Playbook System

A brand new system designed to help your website gain more visitors and affiliates, is available. This will teach you how to get 50 to 100 leads per day, without even owning a website.

Known under the name of The Traffic Playbook, this program is being scheduled to come out this month. Since 2008, we have had many traffic generating programs to choose from, yet few of them managed to rise up to the expected results. They were either too complicated, or required the setup of custom sites, complicated funnels and conversion processes to make them function properly.

People looking to build up an internet marketing strategy were being overwhelmed by copywriting, video capture pages, sales pages, video sales letters, shopping carts and so on. It is no longer the case, as The Traffic Playbook is here to change that.

The Traffic Playbook package will include some of the simplest techniques for every internet marketer to benefit from. These will be taught on 5 modules designed to help you perform serious keyword and market research, get 10 targeted high quality links every day, get 30 to 50 high quality leads per day with a Pay per View program, 20 to 30 high quality leads each day from Bing PPC and 10 to 20 from Facebook PPC.

The question every marketer is entitled to ask is “How much money will I make?”. It is a fair question, especially knowing this program could earn affiliates up to $436.40 per buyer. It does that by up-selling towards maximized commissions, giving HUGE Discounts on PPVA and SEON3.5 for Max Value to Buyers and real value affiliate prizes.

The Traffic Playbook Launch Information

In case you are interested, the pre-launch and launch schedule goes something like this:

• On November 5th, the Traffic Playbook LTD3 Presentation will take place;
• On November 8th, the part 2 of the same Presentation will begin;
• On November 12th, Traffic Playbook Sales Video will come up;
• Therefore, on 13th of November the cart will open, so it can be close on the 20th.

The entire launch schedule will last around two weeks.

Two of the market’s top business persons, Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong, spoke at a private event in Dallas. They’ve presented, on stage, the way this entire system functions. Their super simple proven strategy on winning more than 20 leads per day has convinced many people to join them. Of course, the attractive prizes did their job too, yet what one has to enjoy more when present at such a great gathering?

If you’re thinking about joining, don’t wait to long, as the cart is only open for 8 days.

Get The Traffic Playbook

GURU Product Blueprints Review


The Guru Product Blueprints by Eben Pagan will gain you the biggest success of the year as one of the top internet marketers of this time puts together a complete and comprehensive informational product design package.

What is GURU Product Blueprints?

guru product blueprintsEben Pagan is a successful internet entrepreneur who has managed to create a program that highly increases the visibility of the sites. If a website is not intended for purchasing advertising, it needs to be very well optimized for search engines so it hits high in their search results. In case a search engine optimization isn’t properly executed, the website will decade and disappear in what they call the “cyberspace abyss”. This program is called Guru Product Blueprints.

When someone wants to open a website, he/she gets started with establishing the content material. The keywords and key phrases need to be laid down and introduced through the website’s content, so that the page optimizes around them. This could be attained with a serious keyword analysis tool that is capable of revealing the perfect key phrases and words, in order to reach the target audience. The best keywords are the ones that are searched the most and also have the lowest competition. Key-wording is the only way to perfectly optimize a website.

The Guru Product Blueprints come in two forms: the off-page and on-page search engine optimization. While each of these forms brings up more productivity than the other, they both have to be in a webmaster’s attention span, if he or she wants to properly optimize his/her website.

The on-page optimization travels around building up the content so that it contains enough keywords. These have to be not too many, but also not too few. It is important to include the keywords and the key phrases in the article, but you shouldn’t scarify the content’s quality. The content’s high quality is of tremendous importance, because you can’t fill up pages with only keywords and key phrases in rubbish content. You also need to be careful not to stuff the pages with too many keywords.

The other form of optimization, the off-page one, is in fact the essential one, between these two. It requires a little bit more work from the webmaster’s side, more time and also more money. The website’s relevance and traffic will be gained based on the search term that is being targeted. If the webmaster doesn’t take care of linking and back-linking with other websites, all the work has been for nothing. In other words, the more back-links the better, since this very much influences the search engine’s perspective towards a website. Also, these should not be any kind of websites, good quality being also required. It is not about quantity, but much more about quality. And this not what only Eben Pagan declares, it is what every successful internet marketer stands for.

Guru Product Blueprints is an outstanding way through which an internet marketer, beginner or not, could gain lots of free traffic that is targeted especially for his/her website. The official GURU Product Blueprints website can be found at for more information. Good traffic, obviously, generates loads of sales and this is the way a business’s wheels start to turn. It is, after all, a business where the entrepreneur needs to prove his or her power of work and patience. However, don’t get alarmed! If you do the work correctly and respect the main mapped roads, you would get paid as you deserve it.

Futuristic Marketing Review


Can Futuristic Marketing by Jonathan Budd prove to be the most valuable and influential traffic creating coaching program on the internet today?

Many individuals researching the Futuristic Marketing program will ask whether or not it is a scam and if they should proceed with caution. Let’s discuss the Futuristic Marketing products as well as the creators of the coaching program.

What is Futuristic Marketing?

futuristic marketingJonathan Budd, one of the most successful internet marketers in the niche, recognizes The Futuristic Marketing program is one of the most interesting, valuable and resourceful piece he ever created. Other internet marketers are waiting for this program to be launched too, so there is no doubt this is going to be a big hit. Budd believes this is the most mind-blowing program ever created, a program capable of developing new success stories. And the most interesting part here is that his creation will not only coach others build up their success, it will also raise the quality bar by bringing up more value in this niche.

Futuristic Marketing doesn’t stand up on its own, it actually consists of 2 training programs that are blended into one: Futuristic Traffic and Futuristic Influence. The package will also provide compatible software solutions of world class standards.

The program will deliver you all the tools needed to create the perfect audience for your business, after which it will teach you how to use these tools. Obviously, the price will be unbelievably affordable, especially when you will see how outstanding conversions this program is capable of. It’s Jonathan’s way of making you laugh on the way to the bank to profit from his offer. He already has helped all his partners make millions of dollars in the past, and he now wants to put THE most valuable of his creations on the market , too. 16th of July is scheduled for the grand opening, where the videos will be presented by the creators themselves. The program could not be built without Mark Hoverson, his trustworthy partner who is also a very successful entrepreneur.

Futuristic Marketing Review

Schedule your presence to the conference

If you are able to gather somewhere around 200 attendee’s at a webinar, you are more than ready to join Mark and Jonathan in their presentation and become yourself a host. It is more than obvious their agendas will fill up rapidly, so book your group as soon as possible, through email. It will be like you would simply open the door for Jonathan and Mark to come in and help you make more and more money. Not to mention there is a contest involved, too. And, shhh… the big prize in the contest is the amazing Audi R8 Jonathan drives in the Hollywood trailer- like commercial he has launched.

The most interesting part of this Futuristic Marketing program is the first piece of content named Marketers Test. A new front end process in the entire launch has been created, a process that is not at all a standard capture page. A funny test, in the form of an interactive quiz, will be developed. It also has a specific name: futuristic marketing test. This test will give participants the opportunity to rate and find out what their mindset skills are, how their traffic and conversion skills work. It will be a great opportunity for the participants to have a glimpse at how much they could earn in this internet marketing niche. The test is more like a guide that shows where things need and can be improved.

Six Figure Mastermind


>> Click here to visit the Official Six Figure Mastermind website <<

Six Figure Mastermind

If your tired of supposed get rich quick push button software that claims to make you thousands of dollars per a day with no work, and your serious about building a real income producing online business you might be interested in Six Figure Mastermind by Mark Thompson. Over the past 6-9 months Mark Thompson have been quietly building a high quality training video membership site that teach all the steps to making money online, the real way.

Making money online truly is not difficult to do, it just requires a bit of accurate knowledge to get started. Sure, you can search the internet and take random advice from websites here and there and try to piece it together, it might work and you might even make some money. But if you want to build a real online business and get your income on autopilot, it is best to have accurate information in a well packaged product that delivers results.

Mark Thompson and his team have a ton of experience and they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to making big money on the net. Six Figure Mastermind is a new product that is going to be released on July 23rd. Unlike “push-button” make money online scams, Six Figure Mastermind teaches all the fundamentals of internet marketing and teaches you step by step. The course offers the most comprehensive training I have seen out of any program on the net to date.

Six Figure Mastermind 12 Week Core Training Breakdown

  • Week 1: Business Model
  • Week 2: Research
  • Week 3: Product Creation
  • Week 4: Copywriting
  • Week 5: Joint Ventures
  • Week 6: Email Marketing
  • Week 7: Traffic Generation
  • Week 8: Marketplaces
  • Week 9: Funnels
  • Week 10: Outsourcing
  • Week 11: Conversions
  • Week 12: Start to Finish

Six Figure Mastermind BONUS

To ensure your success as an internet marketer we are going to hook you up with an INSANE Six Figure Mastermind BONUS package valued at over $1000. This bonus package includes a variety of tools, guides, WordPress plugins, and reports that will essentially guarantee you success.

To get access to this epic bonus package, simply enter your details into the form below and click the buy button on this webpage.

Six Figure Mastermind Conclusion

If you are serious about making money online Six Figure Mastermind might be exactly what you have been searching for. In addition to all the value on the surface, Mark Thomspon has a ton of bonuses in the back office that will amplify your internet income results rapidly. He is giving you access to all of his previous products, as well as free downloads for all of his future products.

Six Figure Mastermind is one of the best opportunities I have seen to learn internet marketing in a neat, concise, and effective manner ever. If your serious about making money online and tired of all the push-button software scams, Six Figure Mastermind might just be the opportunity you have been searching for.

Click the link below to get access to Six Figure Mastermind and get started making money online today.

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Success with Anthony

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Success with Anthony Review

Success With AnthonyDid you get an e-mail about the all new Success with Anthony internet marketing program by Anthony Morrison? Do you want to make money online, but your not quit sure where to get started? If so you should continue reading this Success with Anthony review.

For those of you who don’t know Anthony Morrison, he is a very successful internet entrepreneur. At the young age of 22 he started creating online businesses, and saved his family from financial ruin.

Over the course of the past few years Anthony has created several incredibly successful internet businesses that make him over a million dollars per a year.

With the economy being in such bad shape often times individuals who cannot find a normal job turn to the internet as a source of income. With more and more people getting started making money online, there have been a lot of online business opportunities popping up all over the internet. With so many opportunities available it can be difficult to decide on which ones work, which ones don’t, and what to take action on.

This is a syndrome known as paralysis by analysis that frequently cripples a would be successful internet marketer. The single most important decision an internet marketer needs to make at the beginning of their internet income journey is to take one specific course of action that has proven to yield results. Often times we can get overloaded with many different opportunities and never give one opportunity our full attention.

Success with Anthony is an internet marketing course that is taught by one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs of our time. If you want to learn how to make money online, there is not a better guy to learn from than Anthony Morrison.

Success with Anthony Bonus

To virtually guarantee your success in making money online, we are including a MASSIVE Success with Anthony BONUS. This bonus package is packed with over $1000 in tools and guides that perfectly compliment the knowledge and techniques taught in Success with Anthony. To see all the details of the bonus package visit the Success with Anthony MEGA BONUS PACKAGE page.

Simply enter your details and purchase Success with Anthony to get our surprise bonus package delivered straight to your inbox:

Success with Anthony Conclusion

With so many internet marketing courses available it can be difficult to decide on just one and take action. This is a condition known as paralysis by analysis that often times keeps a would be successful internet entrepreneur from excelling.

Anthony Morrison is one of the most successful internet marketers of our time, and has been one of my greatest mentors since my early days of making money online. If you want to learn how to make big money online in 2012, Success with Anthony might be exactly what you have been searching for.

Click the button below to visit the Success with Anthony official website.

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Wp Payperview Review

wppayperviewIf you are looking for the fastest way to monetize your blog, WPPayperView is a blog monetization plug-in that can help you collect payments for any content in your blog.

These are just some of the features of the plug-in:

  • The ability to sell access to any content: Whatever it is you want to sell on your website, whether is content, subscriptions, music, e-books, tutorials, software WPPayperView can help you sell it.
  • WPpayperview Simple to use: This Plug-in looks good on any website and is easy to customize. The plug-in quickly allows you to protect content with one single Click.
  • Flexible paying method for all your customers: The plug-in lets you easily customize payment options. You can set it up for every customer to collect small payments, multi-pass day access, you can even create a subscription website by charging a monthly subscription. Its easy to use and all the payments are processed with PayPal.

WPPayperView is nothing new to the marketing world. The model has been use for years but it has never been simplified to a plugin for everyone to use. It was usually an expensive feature hard to implement on any blog, which usually require a lot of programming knowledge.

Who would be interested in WPPayperView?

Really anyone can benefit for the easy features of the plug-in. Many webmasters love it because it gives the ability to promotions and create coupons on any site. The following are some examples of people that can benefit from WPPayperView:

Membership Owners: WPPayperView allows you to create subscriptions and customize them to be weekly, monthly, daily, or anything you want.

Authors: If you enjoy writing, you can sell your books with this plugin or sell a chapter of the book.

Musicians/ bands: This plugins allow you to make money from selling your songs or videos.

Digital Publishers: You can sell any content with this plugin, e-books, Audios, Videos, software and more.

WPPayperView is the best way for any blogger or any site owner to have an opportunity to compete with retailer giants without the need of expensive programming.

The truth is this plug-in is a steal for the price, only $9.95. There are a lot of websites that sell pay-per-view content but have spend thousands of dollar to set up their system. WPPayperView is by far the most practical and cheapest way to sell on any site.

To learn more about the plug-in, you can visit the official Wppayperview website



Click Here–> To order Protandim

Protandim is a dietary supplement by LifeVantage Corporation based in Utah. The product is sold through a multilevel marketing company model. Beyond just a simple MLM product, Protandim holds several studies and peer reviews that have shown to increase the production of antioxidants in the body. Protandim is clinically proven to reduce the levels of oxidative stress by a whopping 40% slowing down the aging process in individuals.

Aging is considered to be the result of cell deterioration caused by free radicals. This free radical damage is also referred to as oxidative stress. Protandim is a breakthrough product, which helps slowing down the ageing process and reduce oxidative stress.

How does Protandim work?

protandimAs we get older the body produces more free radicals that are largely responsible for cell damage, causing illness, and premature aging.

Antioxidants play a very important role in building the body’s immune system and protecting the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Antioxidants also help in improving cells and their functionality making them healthy, thereby improving the overall health. These antioxidants can be found in a number of fruits and vegetables, but one needs to consume them in large quantities to achieve the daily-required amount of antioxidants.
The antioxidant power in fruit and vegetables is not enough to cover the needs of the body, specially if you don’t have a diet based on 90% fruits and vegetables. Protandim provides these antioxidants in a proprietary blend of ingredients.

Protandim works by reducing free radicals and increasing the natural production of antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect cells and improve the overall health of the cells. The more antioxidants present in the body, the more under control the aging process is. What makes Protandim different from other antioxidant supplements is that it, not only reduces free radicals but also helps the body produce more antioxidant enzymes on its own naturally.

Benefits of Protandim

When a person is young the body is capable of fighting the free radical by producing more antioxidants, this is not the same as we age. Due to the increasing age the body produces less antioxidant to fight these free radicals causing premature aging and weak immune system. Regular intake of Protandim is known to decrease the free radicals and improves the body’s ability to produce antioxidants.

Clinical Studies of Protandim

There has been several studies in humans conducted featuring Protandim. Some of these studies include:

• Harvard Medical (DMD)
• Ohio State University
• Vanderbilt University
• University Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic
• Michigan State University (Diabetes?)
• Mexican Institute of Social Security, Mexico City
• Louisiana State University (Cancer)
• University of Colorado
• Glamorgan University, Wales
• Sahigrenska University Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden
• University of Minnesota (Diabetes)
• University or Toronto/St. Michelle’s Hospital, Canada
• Virginia Commonwealth University (Heart Disease)
• University of Florida
• University of Kentucky

The many studies that backup the science behind Protandim, make the product a great fit for a multilevel marketing opportunity. To get started with Protandim or get in touch with a Lifevantage distributor, feel free to e-mail or visit



SERobot Review


==> Visit SERobot Official Site <==[/button]

What is SERobot?

SERobot is a software tool that was designed to help provide your website with higher rankings by increasing the number of backlinks to the website. If you know anything about trying to achieve higher rankings in Google, then you know you need to build solid backlinks that are not only of good quality, but of a diverse nature. A good mixture of Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Article Marketing, etc… Normally you would have to go around to each of these sites and create an account and type up an article and then finally submitting it. This is VERY time consuming if you can imagine. This is where SERobot comes into play. This backlink automation tool can do all of this for you. In just a matter of minutes you could have 10 to a hundred backlinks.

What Platforms Are Supported On SERobot?

Here are a list of the MANY platforms that are constantly growing with this SEO Tool:

  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Social Network
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • Article Directories
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Directories
  • Forum Profiles
  • Wiki Poster
  • + MORE

Not only do you get all of these platforms that come loaded with websites already included, but they have added the option to add in your own to increase the number of backlinks that you can create.

Have You Actually Used SERobot?

The answer is YES! We purchased this SEO Tool a couple days after it was released. I have to say, it had a lot of bugs at first. But they have since worked out about 98% of them. And they are constantly working to fix the others, and adding a lot of new features.


This first picture is the main layout of SERobot. From here you can start a campaign or do account creations as well as see all the URLs that you have created with the SEO software.

SERobot Backlinking Tool

In this 2nd picture you will see the main interface for creating accounts. You simply check off which type or site you want to get created and the software will do it for you. If you sign up for a Captcha service it will automatically fill in those for you. Depending on your Captcha service and your internet speed, you could have 100+ accounts created in less than 5 minutes!

Why Do I Need A Tool Like SERobot?

I suppose if you are one of the RARE people who have all kinds of time on your hands and don’t mind doing the mundane task of going around and creating hundreds of accounts and posting articles to create backlinks then no you do not need it. But if you are like 99% of the population and need things automated for you, then YES you should get SERobot.

It simply comes down to having a SEO software that will automate your task of creating these backlinks for you. By being able to create different Tiers of links, you will find that your website will be bumped to the top of Google or Yahoo or Bing search results. Which means you get more traffic. And the main reason anyone wants more traffic is to make more money through your website or blog.

So Does SERobot Work?

We have used the SEO Tool SERobot on another domain for testing purposes just to make sure it actually worked. We started with a domain that was only about 4 months old and wasn’t really ranked anywhere in the top 3 pages for a medium difficulty keyword. After using the software to create accounts then start posting to directories, web2.0, social bookmarking we started to see some increases in the rankings. It took a couple days to a week to see it finally hit the first page. We went with 3 tiers to build our link pyramid so that we could increase the link juice. And I must say, I am completely happy with the results. After about 7-14 days it was sitting at the number 3 spot and holding steady. (After 3 weeks, it is still holding steady). We also tried it on a new blog that we setup for an affiliate marketing program. Within a week it was first page as well. After a few more days, it was sitting at the number 2 spot.

So if your wanting my true opinion, then YES, SERobot does work!

Final Thoughts on SERobot

After comparing this software to other similar SEO Tools like Article Marketing Robot, and SENuke I would most definitely say that this software blows them out of the water. For starters, the price point is only $20 per month (compared to $147 per month with SENuke). For everything that you get with this software, $20 per month is a small price to pay. Article Marketing Robot it can only do submit to article directories which can help short term, but this is where SERobot will outperform the rest. It can post to a lot of different platforms giving you the ultimate backlinking software.

So if your asking, if I think this is a good software to buy… Then I would tell you yes, you should buy this to help your website or blog in the SERPs. SERobot is a perfect tool to help get your blog or website more traffic so that it can pick up more backlinks naturally. And just to sweeten the deal, the creators have included a 3 bonuses with this software. You will also get Platform Link Reader, Fast Indexer, and Free Proxy Scraper. These tools combined with SERobot will be sure to help you get the visitors you deserve! And if your not satisfied, SERobot comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so go test it out, and then get a refund if your not satisfied.

==> Visit SERobot Official Site <==[/button]