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Monavie Juice Scam

Update October 28th 2011: Monavie Lawsuit 2011 Legal and Compliance Update.

MonaVie is committed to following and complying with all state and federal regulations. Recently, MonaVie was named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit filed in Arkansas state court. The lawsuit alleges false advertising on the part of MonaVie. However, MonaVie vigorously disputes these allegations and is seeking a dismissal of all claims made. The Arkansas court has instructed MonaVie to provide independent distributors of MonaVie products with certain materials, which include a copy of the complaint and a document preservation order. These two documents, as well as MonaVie’s response to the lawsuit, may be accessed by clicking the links above.

MonaVie is committed to following and complying with all state and federal regulations. Recently, MonaVie was named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit filed in Arkansas state court. The lawsuit alleges false advertising on the part of MonaVie. However, MonaVie vigorously disputes these allegations and is seeking a dismissal of all claims made. The Arkansas court has instructed MonaVie to provide independent distributors of MonaVie products with certain materials, which include a copy of the complaint and a document preservation order. These two documents, as well as MonaVie’s response to the lawsuit, may be accessed by clicking the links above.

Discover The Real Truth about Monavie Juice?

I have created this website to give my HONEST, OPEN opinion about what I think about Monavie and the rising questions and concerns as to whether or not Monavie is a scam. I have come up with some good content, showing and introducing you to some other key liquid vitamin supplements that seem to far outweigh the Monavie Juice supplement. While Monavie Scam isn’t exactly the right way to phrase it, I do think you can get more nutritional content in vitamins and minerals in other supplements for the value than the Monavie Juice.

Continue to read more about Monavie Scam and whether or not you think it is the right choice for you. Because Monavie is not a scam, they are a good business with good products, however I feel as though most people can get better health benefits from other products and juices. Read the information below and draw your own conclusions about Monavie and Eniva.

The Truth About Monavie

Monavie is a company that was introduced in January, 2005. Originally, Monavie was referred as the name of an exclusive blend of acai berry, a fruit that was found to have significant health benefits. Today, it is famous as the company that capitalizes on health products, offering products that promote overall well-being while opening possibilities for business opportunities among its network of sellers. Recently, the company found itself in a number of controversies, questioning the actual benefits that their products offer the unsuspecting customers as well as its devotees. More importantly, people have grown curious of the truth behind the business opportunities that the company offers among its members or networks of sellers.

I would like to compare two products that I see a big difference in, yet no one knows much about this Eniva Vibe liquid vitamin supplement but I think people should have the right to be informed and make a decision when comparing two liquid vitamin supplements. So let’s take a deeper look into Eniva Vibe and Monavie Juice and see which one is better.

monavie juice

Mona Vie is a miracle product that is sold in all United States and all its territories, as well as in Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. With the company’s continuous efforts in advertising and marketing their health products around the world, it somewhat managed to build a globally accepted brand. With the people’s growing awareness on the importance of maintaining great health, the products instantly had grown devotees and believers. Mona Vie products even had famous people to promote their health benefits. With the use of an exclusive blend of acai berry and other nutrient dense fruits that are selected for their excellent nutritional and health benefits, Mona Vie has gained a worldwide reputation for being the miracle product. This products claims of having antioxidant and phytionutrient and cancer fighting properties make Monavie and other Mona Vie more enticing to people who wanted to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

About Monavie Juice and Products

Mona Vie is just one of the successful companies who have marketed a variety of health benefits out of nature’s super fruits. Acai is the miracle fruit that Mona Vie uses for marketing leverage. The fruit actually have concentrated levels of anthcyanins, a form of antioxidant in fruits, the one that helps neutralize the effects of free radicals and pollution to the body. According to the company website:

“Through an exclusive freeze-drying process, MonaVie is able to capture the vital nutrients found in this delicate fruit. MonaVie’s freeze-dried acai powder boasts an ORAC score (a measure of antioxidant power) higher than any other fruit or vegetable tested to date, on a gram-for-gram basis.”

ORAC is an analysis that determines the level of antioxidant that is contained in a product. Their evaluative data is extremely helpful in finding the truth behind the advertising claims that most health-based products use to draw the public’s attention and convince them to patronize their “miracle product”. ORAChydro* reflects the water soluble and the ^ORAC lipo reflects the lipid soluble antioxidant capacities of certain health products. Monavie juice claims one of the highest scores in ORAC results when it fact, the products Vibe with a total ORAC score of 153,746 and Mangosteen with a score of 81,842 have got the top scores. Mona Vie only managed to get a total ORAC score of 31,099. You can see a picture below of this .. or download the entire professional report from Brunswick Labs.

monavie juice scam

Monavie Juice claims itself as a leader in producing health products, but the fact is that it ranks average among its competition in terms of RDA ingredients, fruits and natural extracts content, ORAC results and in product prices. For instance, in the recent RDA ingredient comparison done of major health products, Mona Vie plays weaker than its competition. The comparison was in basis of determining the presence of some of the essential nutrients which most people need for supplements, to enjoy better quality of life. Mona Vie claims to bring optimum health results … by giving 4 g sugar, 1.2 mg vitamin C, 0.36 mg iron and a 4 g total carbohydrate. Under the RDA evaluation, only its competition product Vibe, Centrum, Bazi can give all or most of the 27 vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy diet. According to a third party laboratory test that is participated by 10 most popular health products, Mona Vie ranks second, next to Vibe, when it comes to the measured actual quantity of fruits and natural extracts that are used in the product. You can see this below or download the entire LIST here!

monavie scam

Now, does that mean everything. No, of course not. So let’s move on, we have already compared the ORAC score of Eniva Vibe vs Monavie, the Fruits and Extracts Comparison of Monavie Juice and Vibe, lets move on to the RDA Ingredients.

Take a look at the Market Comparison of RDA Ingredients comparing Eniva Vibe and Monavie Juice. Click Here to get the entire list of products vs VIBE and you will see the TRUE power of Eniva Vibe.


Now, the final straw. The price, I think you can CLEARLY see the health benefits and advantages that Eniva Vibe has over Monavie. So let’s talk about the last piece of the pie, and probably a very important one because you should be getting what your paying for and if your going to shell out money for health products and supplements, you want to get the best value and best deal for your dollar.

What’s interesting is that Monavie is one of the most expensive health products available worldwide. Having presented the facts on its actual composition, which are very much contrary to claims made, it is surprising that the product has gained popularity in its health benefits in the first place, or was that all a faux pas?

Let’s take a look at the price comparison between Monavie Juice and Eniva Vibe and see if Monavie Scam is really out there. You can download the entire list and get all the information here. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ENTIRE LIST

monavie scam prices

For anybody who is fond of taking Monavie and pays $45 per bottle that sums up a monthly cost of $180, here’s what you should know:

Monavie is not sourcing its acai berries from Sambazon, the world’s known best source of high-grade acai berries. The drinks sold under Mona Vie brand is not made from 100% pure dried acai, it is in fact a blend of acai puree and freeze dried acai. No formal laboratory of medical evaluations have yet supported the health claims of Monavie Juice, so for someone who has gone from a curious drinker to a devotee, the health benefits that you may be experiencing is accounted to your faith of healing.

Sellers, Networks, Scams

Monavie has been recently attached to a number of law suits, all under the common grounds of misrepresentation, false claims and alleged selling scams. Just like in Amway, more than their products, the key to Mona Vie’s success may be accounted to its network of sellers. It makes use of a specific and person to person method of distributing their health products.

However, the problem with Monavie has reached a greater degree. Just like all other multi-level marketing systems, some of the independent distributors of Mona Vie have complained of earning the least commission, as compared to those who are already in the “up line” who enjoys fats checks without doing a thing. The nature of complaints varies. But the problem is, the marketing system used by Monavie is legal. The struggle of those who are at the bottom of the network is that they can only earn if they can bring in more distributors. They can only earn more once their recruits yield sales. It is really hard to take leverage on money on others. As to Mona Vie’s legal problems, a conclusion is yet to be determined.

Conclusion About Monavie Juice Scam

Whether or not Monavie is guilty of being involved in a big scam or not, it depends on your definition of scamming:

Does it involve false product claims?

Does it lure people to products who only deliver less than half of the benefits that it is supposed to give on its health products?

Does scamming falls in any likelihood to lying to people about the things that they should know?

Monavie began offering help to people, giving them products that offer to deliver certain degree of wellness. Its most renowned ingredient is acai berry. The words of acai berry’s significant health benefits are actually true. However, Monavie’s claims of delivering health benefits are not entirely true. From the ingredient sources to the evaluative lab test results, Monavie at some point have lied to its patrons.

Order Eniva Vibe

I think by now you have realized all of my points .. If you are looking to improve your overall health and want to do so by a health supplement, Eniva Vibe is head and shoulders above the Monavie Juice in nearly every category. The nutritional content contained in Eniva Vibe is far superior than the Monavie Juice.

My suggestion is to try Eniva Vibe for a month or two and stay off Monavie .. see how much of a difference it makes, there is no doubt that it will work better than Mona Vie. If it does not, there is a complete 100% money back guarantee on Eniva Vibe, it is it essentially risk free for you to try! My suggestion is to click the picture below (for United States customers) and add to cart the VIBE 2.0 – 32 oz. Bottle and give it a shot for a month and see how you like it!

monavie juice a scam ?mona vie juice scam

The MonaVie Corporation name, logos, and pictures are Trademarks of MonaVie

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Work At Home Discussions

  1. marketing michigan  August 16, 2011

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will advocate this website!

  2. Buchta  October 26, 2011

    Thanks for the info, I will bookmark your website for future reference

  3. Wini  October 31, 2011

    Real helpful info! I was recommended by a close friend to buy a box for my dad coz he said it could help his stroke problem. In Malaysia the prize of each big bottle is RM145. Actually I’m making some research before buying them. Thank God I found your blog.

  4. H.C. Linere  November 2, 2011

    I think alot of these items get popular through hype, not results. To me when it comes to product type programs like these, the results are more important than the hype. So if this product out performs Mona, then so be it. Health programs shouldn’t be about commissions, it should be about improving health, then let the money fall as it may. So it all depends on what you’re pushing in my opinion.

  5. Linda  January 6, 2012

    I am wondering if you have looked into Isagenix. Another health & wellness company that make alot of claims. I would love to hear an honest opinion about this company.

  6. LaShonda  May 5, 2012

    This is my first time hearing about the Vibe company. I will have to look into it further. I have tried Monavie before. I may have to do a comparison myself. Thanks for the great info.


  7. Bil  July 22, 2012

    Hi; I would like to share with the world that Vibe is a great product,becase I have tried it firsthand. I donnot know much about Mona-Vie, except what I have been told,now that opinion was from one of Mona-Vie’s reps, But I will try it, Then voice my own opinion.

  8. Patrick  December 6, 2012

    Thanks for sharing. I joined Monavie years ago and it’s not all its cracked up to me. There are many healthier options out there. I haven’t tried what you are recommending but there are now hundreds of thousands of products that claim to do the same thing and only a small percent works. thanks for keeping people honest.

  9. jeannie  December 23, 2012

    i have used mona vie fro three weeks i have notice a big difference in my movement it is great it is easier to get up in th morning im 57 was really stiff i didnt trust anything i thought everyone just wanted money but, i hurt every morning ,now i dont i cant wait to see what i feel like in 4 more weeks thx

  10. James  January 26, 2013

    Great review on monavie, i struggled for a while doing what my up-line and what i learnt in the training. Trying to get all my family and friends to join my business and taste the fancy looking acai berry juice with all the other 18 beneficial fruits, they all looked at me like it was a scam, even though i had the bottle in my hand, then there is the cost of the bottles, at the time it was all adding up as i was dreaming i would of had a few on board by now paying for my juice, but that did not happen.

    All the best


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