If you’re interested in blogging for profit online, you have probably heard of WordPress, the free blogging platform. If you haven’t, you should: WordPress is a free open-source software that enables you to quickly and easily publish your ideas online, reach a wide audience, and gain profit from your writing.

One of the things that makes WordPress unique is the huge amount of customization the software supports. No two WordPress blogs will be exactly identical due to the quantity of themes and widgets available to personalize the page. On thew WordPress site alone there are over a thousand free themes which can be downloaded and installed to provide your blog with a fresh look.

If you really want to stand out from other blogs, though, you might be interested in buying a theme. Premium themes have more features than the standard templates, and also look more sleek and professional. No one looking at a WordPress blog with a premium theme would imagine that it only took a few minutes to put the site together!

One excellent source of premium themes is ThemeForest.net. These themes not only have a clean, professional look but include advanced options such as the “Novelist” theme for online fiction, whose layout displays text like a book with click-through links to read subsequent pages, or the “ShopCart” theme for online sales, which is designed to display products. Once you purchase your theme, you can install it and incorporate it seamlessly into your existing WordPress site. These themes also offer further customization options such as changing color schemes or adding unique or personalized images.

Another option for purchasing premium WordPress themes is TemplateMonster.com. This site has about 1,200 themes available, with more being added every day. Users can search themes by product, category, color and keyword, then filter the results by price in order to find the best fit for their needs. These templates focus more upon aesthetics than unique functionality, but there is much more variety among design here than ThemeForest.net and the designs are eye-catching and slick.

There are hundreds of other sites where you can buy WordPress themes online; a simple Google Search will bring up a number of them. If you really want the most unique WordPress blog, however, you may be interested in buying a custom theme. This way, you can work with a designer to determine your specific template needs and get a one-of-a-kind theme designed just for you. You can solicit for a theme on the WordPress.com forums, or search online for a designer. If you find a pre-made template online that you really like, you may be able to approach the developer and offer to pay for a custom design.